Benefits of Aloe

“The sum of the parts creates a potential that is something greater than the whole.”

The Miracle of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been known for centuries as an effective topical skin treatment, offering a variety of healing and soothing benefits. It is often used topically to soothe and help speed the healing of skin ailments from sunburns to cuts. But it is not just good for topical ailments. The plant can also benefit internal body systems. Pet Parents are looking for solutions to their pets needs. Let Melissa’s Aloe be the solution. Aloe Vera contains key compounds that give its healing properties. Phytonutrients play a key role. These include vitamins, especially the antioxidant vitamins A,B complex, C and E, minerals including calcium, magnesium and zinc as well as amino acids like tyrosine (precursor of adrenaline) and phenylalanine. Other beneficial compounds include: prostaglandins (fatty acid), polysaccharides, saponins (cleanser), enzymes, glycoproteins (proteins containing carbohydrate), anthraquinones (laxative), plant sterols and lignin (antioxidants). Aloe Vera contains glucomannan, a special polysaccharide composed largely of the sugar mannose. It interacts with special cell surface receptors on those cells which repair damaged tissues, stimulating them, activating their faster growth and replication. Plant hormones in Aloe, called auxins and gibberellins (hormones), also accelerate healing by stimulating cell replication.

The Benefits of Aloe Vera

Did you know that Aloe Vera can penetrate skin 5x deeper than water?

Anti-Inflammatory Aid

Aloe Vera’s anti-inflammatory properties work just as well on the inside of the body as they do outside of the body, on the skin. Aloe Vera promotes the healing of bones and joints, reducing swelling caused by arthritis, in addition to healing internal tissue damage.
Aloe Vera can help fight bacteria and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. As a result, consuming Aloe Vera can lead to improved oral health. Aloe contains a broad spectrum of free amino acids, and free monosaccharides plus lupeol. Lupeol is a powerful pain killer found in the oil of the plant. (sap)

Another anti-inflammatory action is that of salicylic acid, and its salts, the salicylates, make an important contribution. Salicylic acid is an aspirin-like compound possessing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which does reduce inflammation by inhibiting the production of some hormones called “prostaglandins”. Aloe Vera also exerts an effect inhibiting the production of histamine – one of the important chemical messengers in inflammation.

Immune System Benefits

The vitamins, minerals, and enzymes of Aloe Vera help the strengthening of the immune system, which not only helps battle existing viruses and diseases, but helps resist the contraction of new ones. Aloe Vera’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help sustain the immune system.

Detoxifying Effects

Aloe Vera is highly effective as an internal body cleanser. It detoxifies unhealthy cell matter in the stomach, kidneys, spleen, liver, bloodstream, and bladder. It has a cleansing effect that will help eliminate toxins in the intestines and aid purification of the blood. As a result of its detoxifying properties of the circulatory system, it will help produce a brighter complexion and improved skin tone.

Weight Loss

Consuming Aloe Vera can aid in weight loss by ridding the colon of built-up matter. By encouraging the body to metabolize energy at a faster rate, Aloe Vera forces the body to draw on reserves of fat and carbohydrates. Using energy from these stores leads to more calories burned and a consequent reduction in weight.

  • Aloe Vera will help to enhance absorption of nutrients
  • Minerals include magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, chromium, calcium, sodium, potassium and iron.
  • Sugars include the important long chain polysaccharides which act on the immune system to boost its effect
  • Enzymes include lipases and proteases which break down food and aid digestion as well as carboxypeptidase that is involved in the inflammatory process
  • Saponins – These are soapy substances that exert powerful anti-microbial effect against bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts such as candida or thrush
  • Anthraquinones - The most important ones being aloin and emodin, but altogether they are strong painkillers and are acknowledged to possess anti-bacterial and viruscidal activity. In their pure form, they are powerful laxatives.
  • Salicyclic acid – This aspirin like compound is anti-inflammatory and topically helps to breakdown dead tissue.

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